7 thoughts on “Stunning first hi-definition image of Pluto reveals huge mountains

  1. Since they “downsized” Pluto, I half expected to see a somewhat vaguely-shaped chunk of rock floating around out there, with the moons just smaller chunks.

    Who would have ever thought there would be mountains of any kind there, much less 11,000 foot peaks and a very deep canyon on Charon?

    “rethink what powers geological activity on many other icy worlds” is an understatement I think, with mountains the size of those.

    Man! If this is the “initial” information we’re getting from New Horizons; can you imagine the information they’re going to pull out of her during the coming 16 months NASA says it’s going to take to download it all???

  2. Maybe NASA is using a little marketing strategy with Congress in all this incredible information – saving the big bang for the last so they have a hard time justifying cutting funding.

    What a show NASA has given us the past 20/25 years.

  3. The whole Pluto voyage is completely fascinating. The photos showing the mountains are incredible. Pluto has a sense of mystery about it beyond other planets (or former planets).

  4. Many things have been shared on social web. I liked the most this one:
    “Dear NASA,
    Your mom thought I was big enough,”


    Thank you for sharing this news my Earthling friend

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