7 thoughts on “The New Horizons Pluto mission is a big deal. Here are Some reasons why

  1. I find it infuriating that we continue to throw such a massive amount of money at killing one another, yet so little at finding ways to expand humanity.

    I hate these “quiet” times. It’s all too reminiscent of the Vietnam War era, when we had an incredible opportunity to journey into space, and squandered it on war.

  2. Note to self: stop complaining about the computer running slow…

    I’m so excited to get to see more pictures from Pluto – it feels like people are more excited for this than they have been for many previous explorations of space. Perhaps it is just social media and the ease with which I can get information and pictures, but I don’t recall anything like since I’ve been paying attention to it.

    1. No, voyager I and II are beyond solar system but Pluto was not in between their paths.
      Voyager II passed Neptunians system and not encountered Pluto during its journey. But new horizons mission is primarily focused on Pluto and kuiper belt.

  3. In a year of what seems to be one piece of bad news after another, it has been a relief to see at least some media focus on the voyage to Pluto. I find it totally fascinating and really can’t get enough. As you mentioned it is hard to see where the next space exploration if this type will come from.

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