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    It is wonderful again! You remember my Earthling friend, I had shared the different work which was made by Rocosmos, in 26 June 2015 at my blog.
    In here, English translations of the subtitles of the images at video as follows:

    0:17- 0:35 Ближайшая к нам Галактика Андромеды: Andromeda Galaxy which is the closest to us. It is containing more than 1 trillion stars. Its size 220 thousand light years.

    0: 36- 0:50 Туманность кольцо: Ring Nebula. It’s formed about 6,000 years ago. Its diameter 1 light year.

    0:51- 1:10 Крабовидная туманность: The Crab Nebula. The residue of a supernova that exploded in 1054.

    1:11- 1:33 Шаровое звездное скопление Геркулеса: Hercules globular cluster. It contains more than 100,000 stars. Its diameter is 165 light-years

    1:35- 1:45 Взрыв сверхновой звезды: The explosion of a supernova

    1:46- 2:10 Галактика Водоворот: Whirlpool Galaxy. It interacts with another galaxy NGC 5195

    2:11- 2:35 плеяды: Galaxy and one nearest star clusters

    2:37- 3:00 Черная дыра: Black hole.

    Who could have predicted that black hole would be so beautiful 🙂

  2. And of course, I haven’t shared the post that I mentioned in 26 June 2015, it should have been 26 January. I made a mistake. Or maybe I can have an ability such as to live the days which the Earthlings haven’t experienced yet:))

  3. Wow! The sky, no doubt, would have looked beautiful but I don’t think I would have ever dared to look at at – with black holes and supernova explosions (a supernova is an explosion right? – I did this in my GCSEs. Don’t remember this any more🙈)
    Great video though! Really enjoyed it!😀

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