8 thoughts on “This Is The First Ever Color Picture of Pluto

  1. I look at this photo of Pluto; the B&W photo of Ceres on NASA’s Spitzer Telescope Website; the photo of “The Pillars of Creation” on Hubble’s Website, etc. and I can’t help but recall the excitement of Sputnik, the moon-landings, and all the subsequent missions.

    We’ve traveled a very long way in just a little over a six decades and, for me, the excitement still hasn’t faded. Had politics and Vietnam not cut into NASA’s funding and momentum, there’s no telling where we’d be by now.

    Yet; it is still an achievement filled with more tantalizing wonder and pure fascination than I could have possibly imagined when it all began in 1957 as I sat on the grass in the dark Oklahoma night hoping to catch a glimpse of Sputnik racing across the sky.

    Now, we have so much more than a small, shiny little ball with antennae – Hubble Telescope, the Voyager Twins, Curiosity, Cassini, etc…..

    What a blast to have been able to witness it all from the very beginning; to see what dreams couldn’t achieve.

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