7 thoughts on “Researchers: Solar system may have Planet X , Planet Y

  1. We all heard that the mankind continuously discovered new planets, systems or etc. These are good news. However, I guess, in fact these news should be like these:
    “The mankind’s machines found the new planets or systems or etc.”
    So I mean Hubble and the others, even Mars Curiosity Rover makes own job very well. But, if we mentioned about the mankind, there are always mishaps. For example today I heard a news about ISS. You know, International Space Station. A day before, one toilet had been broken(I don’t know how:), and astronauts, sorry cosmonauts (because, this event has happen on the Russian segment), and cosmonauts, they repaired the toilet, leaving aside the all jobs. here is the news:
    So I mean that “Trust the machines. They do not have humane needs, and they don’t need to leave their jobs for such a thing. They should be appreciated enough in the news.”:)

  2. I completely agree with you migarium . Almost all the knowledge about outer space comes from these machines whether it is from great Hubble telescope or Galileo space Probe which was crashed into Jupiter.
    But you have to think that WE (Humans) are making these machines. so, Directly or Indirectly Its Mankind’s Achievements.

    Lastly,You have Said “Trust the machines ” I believe you didn’t watch Terminator Series 😉

    1. Surely, I’ve watched Terminator Series. My thought about them, this movie series are all black propaganda about the machines:p I always like to see the glass half full:) Lets look those movies, my Earthlings friend; Wall-E, Sonny from I,Robot, animated film “9”, Bicentennial Man, Robot & Frank, or, of course C-3PO and R2-D2 and etc… They all deserve the trust, even more than the human being, don’t you think 😉

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