3 thoughts on “Isro to Test-Fly Heaviest Rocket, Crew Module on December 18

  1. I guess, they wanted to say “heaviest rocket for India”. Because the heaviest and the first environmentalist rocket of the world of Russia “Ангара-А5” (Angara-A5) is first time used in last week. Angara, began to be used instead of the “Proton”, which was the legendary Russian rocket of the Cold War era. Environmentalist, because, it uses the kerosene as the starting fuel. Yes, known kerosene:) In its thrust mass is 980 tons at the ground level. Even, 16 hours were spent for placing to the rocket launcher of it’s in June, 2014 in Baikonur. Its launch mass is 790 tons. Of course, 80% of the mass is liquid fuel. And until the return to orbit of the earth, most of it is spent. Then, it’s landing down with the remaining fuel. Rockets don’t seem like the birds but, they lost a lot of mass, can be said:) After reading this article about India, I wondered to that: When will the humanity discover the lighter elements with envisaged different molecular levels and will be used to for the rockets, about in 2300 year (according to sci-fi)? Thanks for your news. I went and came back in the period of between the Star Wars and the Cold War with this news:)

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