3 thoughts on “Life on Mars was ‘destroyed by nuclear attack’, says physicist – and we could be next

  1. Mars has always attracted the attention of the mankind. After all, it was a scarlet planet. It was seeming like a deserted places which has no life after a disaster. In thinking, it might be a nuclear disaster? Because nuclear power is the biggest source of destruction in the hands of mankind currently. However, the people can make sense of those, which they discovered of this planet surface. On the other hand, this scientists may want to give a warning to be careful as “we may become like Mars” to the human being, which they war with each other every single day on the earth. Apart from this, he evaluated these findings a way that is not very realistic but for the benefits of the mankind, can be said.

  2. Well, on many photos of Mars there is evidence of past – and present? – conflicts. Ships that have crashed; structures that have collapsed; and yes, bones and bodies. There is also clear evidence of present activity on the planet – either secretly by us or by alien entities. I have seen the photos, and you don’t need to be a scientist at NASA to be able to recognize what’s in front of your eyes.

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