5 thoughts on “Did NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover Find Fish Fossil On Mars ?

  1. Like most of you I wanted to see the originals and do a side by side, to look for photoshoping or NASA eraser. I found the images and put them side by side, then enlarged the smaller until it matched the rock shadows. Flicking back and forth between them, NASA had me convinced that the ‘fossil fish’ was a fake, the only thing that bothered me was there was a slight difference in the position of the rock shadows.
    When I went back to the internet I found the original fossil fish image was part of a set of time lapsed images, showing part of an image on either side of the full one with the ‘fossil fish’. The original NASA image shadows were identical to the image just before the one that showed the fossil fish image. The above article notes that the photo was of an area that the rover had recently complete drilling activities. Now what was unusual was the entire area can be seen in an much earlier image before the sand slide happened and it is impossible for a fossil to be on the surface of a fresh sand slide. Now if someone can go back and recover the full set of original images, we might be looking at something that was truly “NASA’s greatest discovery”. If that shape is in the original timed sequence of the drill site, we might be looking at a living creature or the wind blown skin of one.
    Now although NASA never actually said the image was faked they sure helped the media jump to that conclusion, even to getting the NASA Dr. Stafon to say the statement purported to be from her regarding fossil fish bones was a fabrication (since the image could not be of fossil fish bones). Interesting isn’t it?

    1. Yeah, its definitely interesting . The truth is image is fake and photoshopped by fake MSNBC website.
      When i saw this news for the first time i also get confused . next time , i will avoid these kind of news.

      Thanks for viewing post 🙂

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    I’m shocked to see that a fish skeleton is actually on Mars. But what’s the chances that this is real, in fact what’s the chances that the NASA quote is genuine? There’s some stuff that are just way to hard to believe and that’s just another one but never say never. I’d like to think that this is a genuine archaeological find on Mars which proves once and for all that Alien’s albeit a fish was on Mars’ ancient past.

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