4 thoughts on “Philae sleeps, but Rosetta’s not done yet

  1. The fact that a probe reached a comet and actually landed on it is itself a great achievement. Clearly, this took time and did not happen immediately. Similarly, I am certain, it might take time but there is more to it which will happen!

  2. One thing I’m confused about. The option of viewing away from Rosetta. Is this just a hypothetical vision we’re seeing in this video? Are they able to calculate what opportunities will come to fuel the solar panels; and if so, how many?

    I grew up in Texas City, Texas. School Field Trips to Johnson Space Center were almost annually! And I always anticipated going there, even more than going to Astroworld to ride that wooden roller coaster! We had family friends, Jim and Olga Morris, working at JSC. Olga was, actually, one of the lab scientists that worked on the moon rocks when they brought those back! Always so fascinating to see things up close!

    1. Thanks for viewing post :). Yeah , this is the hypothetical vision that we are seeing in this video. Actually, there is no camera for capturing Rosetta ‘s pictures itself.
      Also there is no fixed date or time for regaining Philae’s battery 🙂

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